This is a personal blog that serves as an outlet for me to post things about..me! and also about the different interests I have such as music, astronomy, and art. <3. So yeah, a normal personal blog. But one that I hope you find really interesting ^_~.

Location: nadir

Goal: reach zenith

"If life is painful on its own, depression is the rust on the razor that threatens the throat. It is an unnecessary insult."

The Infinity Room!

With this immersive installation, French artist Serge Salat invites visitors to take a journey through endless layers of space, decked out with cubic shapes, panels of mirrors, shifting lights and music. “Beyond Infinity” is a multi-sensory, multimedia experience that blends Eastern Chinese with Western Renaissance.

Inspired by the Suzhou Gardens, a masterpiece of Chinese landscape, the three-lined trigram of I Ching is the main pattern that organizes the space of the work. Salat uses mirrors as optical illusions, exploding a single room into spatial infinity.

(Source: mymodernmet.com)

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